Five In A ROW Homeschoolers of Plano


Katie's Lapbook Photos:

*Simple Lapbook template

Tutorial Videos: (Hint: Use MUCH more glue that we use in the videos, we were having technical problems with our glue)

1: Folding a Folder and adding a side extension. (QuickTime file)
2: Adding a center extension. (QuickTime file)
3: Adding a different side extension. (QuickTime file)
4: Adding worksheets to center extension - Part One (QuickTime file)
5: Adding worksheets to center extension - Part Two (QuickTime file)
6: Attaching a "sheet protector" to store cards, artwork or photos (QuickTime file)


Ping Lapbook
Madeline Lapbook
Red Clogs
Rag Coat
Who Owns the Sun
Mike Mulligan (simple lapbook template for 4/5 year old)
Glorious Flight Lapbook
Apple Pie Lapbook Age 4
Apple Pie Lapbook Age 5
Cranberry Thanksgiving
Grandfather's Journey
Another Celebrated Dancing Bear
Papa Piccolo
Very Last First Time
Clown of God
Storm In the Night (5 Senses download)
Stopping By Woods


Mirette Lapbook
Lighthouse Lapbook
Duchess Lapbook
Ducklings Lapbook
Mr Gumpy Lapbook
Warm as Wool (with vocab, math and comprehension downloads)
Strong & Good
Climbing Kansas Mountains (with downloads for landforms and idioms)
Bee Tree
Harold and the Purple Crayon
The Salamander Room
Henry the Castaway
Night of the Moonjellies
Paul Revere
Truman's Aunt Farm