Mirette LapBook - August 2005

Cover: Handwriting sample of book title and color copy of book cover
First view when lapbook is opened. Left: Setting Info/Map Center: Only top extension is visible Right Folder Extension with Vocabulary Cards, drama cards (activity from manual) and compound words book
Left Inside Flap: Setting/Location Info. Printout of Paris/France from worldatlas.com
Right Side Flap: Compound Words (Multi pageQA style book) Definition of compound words and example written on inside flap. To play dd matches the words to form the correct compound words from the story.
First view of Right handfolder extension. Contains French word dictionary of a circus, circus poster accordionfold book, pamphlet and tickets from circus, accordionfold book of circus drawings and a photo of our Eiffel Tower model and dd's new Poly Pocket in a French Dress.
Circus Poster AccordionFold Book. Used various circus posters online as well as the one from the book, the one from the circus we visited and an original drawing by dd.
Accordionfold book of little circus themed drawings
French Circus Dictionaryfrom Enchanted Learning. Reduced to 25%
Famous Landmarks around the world book from co-op activity. Has outline maps of countries around the world, along with geographic placement of the country on world map. Then dd added stickers of famous landmarks from the books on the appropriate map. This book is attached by a top tab.
Top extension is lifted to reveal the bottom extensions. Here you see a sheet with facts about the Eiffel Tower. Extension is made of a tab book to hold in worksheets.
Lower Extension opened to see other worksheets. Outline map of France with cutout of Eiffel tower and handwriting sample. Eiffel Tower cutout is an extra from our paper model from papertoys.com. Also a French Colors book from Enchanted Learning.
More of the bottom extension. Story and photos of the Great Blondin (The real Bellini). Also an aerialyahoo-map of how to get to the park to go with the lesson on endpoints.
Clear Sheet protector glued in with flap under right extension. Drawing dd did of the bookcover of Mirette & Bellini
Lapbook fully opened with all extensions open. French Flag and it's pocket for the "pole" to slide into. Also the back page of the sheet protector with photos from co-op and circus field trip.
Another view of opened lapbook showing all extensions.