Five In A ROW Homeschoolers of Plano


Classic Story Timeline

We created a timeline to demonstrate the concept of a "Classic Story" as discussed in the manual. Our timeline is made from 15 sheets of cardstock taped together and then laminated. The timeline spans from 1900 - 2011 to accomodate the birth years of family members, and future family members:)



  1. Download our Timeline File.
  2. Print on 8.5 X 14 cardstock.
  3. Trim edges of each page so black line will be continuous.
  4. Tape seams on back allowing a hairline separation for easy folding in accordion style.
  5. Laminate as a continuous timeline.
  6. Each week, place story discs on timeline at the year the book was written.
  7. Place photos (cut to size of story discs) on family member birth years.
  8. Display by attaching to wall or stairwell using "3M Interlocking Fasteners". Or display standing up on table. May also be stored folded accordion style and brought out when needed.