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Apple Pie Match Game

Set of cards to use for geography and ordering activities while studying,"How to Make an Apple Pie and see the world" by Marjorie Priceman. (Download PDF File - 500k)

(Cut out cards and fold in half so number is on back. Glue back and font to make a flashcard. Cards may also be laminated.)

7 Country Cards - I have included an extra "home" card for your child to draw their home on or to put the flag or outline of your state on. If you live in Texas you can use ours!

7 Transportation Cards - I have also included extra cards for beginner readers using simplified words like car, ship and bike.

7 Ingredient Cards


Game Options:

Have child put "countries" in order as they were visited in the story. (numbers are on the back for self-checking)

Have child put modes of "transportation" in order as they were used in the story.

Have child match "countries" and "ingredients" that go together. Discuss how these ingredients are significant to the area they are found in.

Have child complete the following sentence using the flashcards: "We took ______ to ______ to get ________."