Five In A ROW Homeschoolers of Plano


Land of Make Believe

This map is intended to be used with the fictional titles that do not have real geographic locations associated with them.


We printed the map on two adjoining 11x17 sheets of cardstock and taped the back side at the seam. The map could be printed on legal size paper/cardstock or choose the Whole Map below to print on 8.5x11 paper/cardstock.

Download: Map in 2 parts to be printed on 8.5x14 or enlarged to 11x17

Download: Whole map to print on 8.5x11

Map Activities

1. Have child paint the water part of the map with a very light wash of blue watercolor.

2. Have child draw lines on the train track to create the tracks.

3. Have child draw any "make believe" cities on the map in the blank areas. (North of the tracks at Popperville or South of the tracks at Geoppolis)

4. Have child place a train on the tracks by drawing, sticker or rubber stamp.

Title Related Activities


1. Mike Mulligan - Draw Popperville or make a photo copy of the town on page 19 and glue it to the map. Place the Mike Mulligan story disk on Popperville.

2. Harold - Have child draw buildings (with lots of windows) and any other things from the book, using a purple crayon of course!

3. Katy - Draw the town of Geoppolis or photocopy it from pages 6/7 in the book. Be sure to follow the cardinal directions and place North appropriately. The train tracks on the map will be on SE side of the city. Place the story disk on the Geoppolis.

4. Henry the Castaway - Have child draw things that they imagine would live and grow on their unexplored island. Place the story disk here.

Other Activities


1. Learn the Cardinal Directions- North, East, South & West. Here is a worksheet I created to teach them.

2. Compass Rose worksheet

3. North, East, South West "Disks" to place on your world map to help children in learning the cardinal directions. Place the discs at the appropriate places on your map in the borders of the map.

4. Use a digital camera and let child take a photo of what is to the North, South, East & West of your house/school. Label the photos appropriately.


We would like to give a special thanks to Trish from the FIAR Boards for her inspiration in this activity!